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Please, please ensure you read the guidelines below carefully before submitting your site. :)
Note: You do not have to join to visit the free graphics sites in our group. You can visit them here: List Of Sites.

Page Guidelines

  • This ring is for sites that offer original free graphics, fonts or tips and tricks on greating them, not personal homepages unrelated to graphics design.
  • We require that you place the fragment for the ring on your main graphics page, not a 'rings page' or 'introduction page'. This must also be the URL you submit to us.
  • If the ring fragment is not added to your site within one week, it will be removed from the queue.
  • We will not accept pages which contain nudity, sexually explicit material, or extreme profanity.
  • Do not link directly to the ring graphics, please save a copy of them on your own server.
  • And the most IMPORTANT RULE, we will NOT tolerate BANDWIDTH STEALING!!!!
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry of any site submitted to The Graphics Ring.
  • After you have submitted your site, return to the Graphics Ring Homepage and click on the 'Fragment' link in the menu, download the ring graphic of your choice and follow the instructions that will be emailed you to complete your application :)
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